5 Years of No Change?

Throughout my decades of working with the NHS, the system has remained change-suspicious and predominantly reluctant. But what happens when no change is the risk? As we enter a new political era, after years of Conservative-led austerity, what might a hung parliament mean in change terms? It would be easy to think that this could … Continued

Viva La Resolution

Will you choose a New Year self-defence revolution or a continuance of the more-for-less dictatorship?   Let me ask you a simple question. Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution to look after yourself better in 2017? Now for a more provocative one. Did you set yourself the same one for 2016 and … Continued

Dumping the Problem in the Sink

The Trap that’s Catching Healthcare Staff by the Thousand There is a very strong tendency in life for the person who created the dirty dishes to dump then in a sink and wait for them miraculously to be cleaned up by someone else. When my teenage son does this, it is hardly a surprise and … Continued

The Autumn Sentence

What Mr Hammond didn’t really say in the Autumn Statement but actually said very clearly   Well, at first glance the Autumn Statement could perhaps better be described as a ‘sentence’ more than a statement, already a word that has two very distinct meanings. Firstly, it was incredibly short and almost devoid of anything that … Continued