Out of Necessity… Preparedness!
Out of Clarity… Confident Decisions!

Firstly, I am not in any way an alarmist individual but I am alarmed. I remember watching so sadly, the video of the tsunami hitting the coast of Japan, as people stood and watched it approach, despite the warnings and alarms, even taking pictures (seeing it coming but not realising that or quite how they were caught up in it themselves), only to find themselves in the most dire of circumstances whilst not knowing what to do. Today, healthcare professionals are in  similar position – watching a healthcare tsunami overwhelming their organisations and in so doing, taking their health, wealth and well-being with it.

PATHFORWARD is a coaching programme, with considerable learning support too, designed to help you understand what’s happening, evaluate the implications for you and then determine an appropriate course of action for your own security.

The programme is built around a series of 1-hour small group and individual coaching sessions (using video conferencing – see below) carefully designed and integrated with specific evaluations, plans and actions designed to ensure you can confidently determine your degree of personal risk, clarify the impact of that risk becoming reality and systematically identify a sensible course of action to change your circumstances.

Andrew Vincent
Partner, Academyst LLP


I have constructed this programme as what I will call a semi-group coaching programme. It means that some of the coaching will be done as a small group and some individually. This is for very specific reasons but the biggest one is to ensure we provide the right support but without adding unnecessarily to the overall cost.


  • 5 Group Sessions, each 1-hour long (maximum of 4 participants)
  • 2 Individual Sessions, each 1-hour long
  • All guidance manuals, documents and evaluations
  • Email, forum & chat individual or group support as required (duration 1 year)
    (giving you 1-to-1 access to my support and guidance)
  • Unlimited online learning support (duration 1 year)
  • Open courses, as required, at the ‘cost’ rate of £95 + VAT per course day
    (the rate covers out of pocket expenses, materials etc and allows us to make the support ‘unlimited’)

I will be ‘on hand’ to support you throughout the whole evaluation, decision-making and implementation process.

£750 Total Cost for ALL of the above

(see below for costs note)



By small group I mean a maximum of 4 people. This is important because although the coaching is ‘group’ it is designed to be ‘individual’ too i.e. you need the time to ask the questions you wish and explore the issues most pertinent to you. This low number allows us to markedly reduce the cost but without losing that. The additional benefit of this approach is that others will think of questions pertinent to you that didn’t occur to you.

  • 2 sessions will be individual (these are sessions where you’ll want to share or discuss things you won’t want others party to)
  • 5 sessions will be group, up to 4 persons (these are sessions that specifically lend themselves to this i.e. don’t require the same level of privacy as the individual sessions)
  • You will have separate access to me anyway for very specific personal questions or issues

We’ll conduct the sessions using Google Meets (similar to the older Hangouts). THis supports is video-conferencing from almost any PC or device and allows me to share my screen with you so that we can either work though a slide deck, review documents etc.

During each group session, I will also remind (and encourage) you about how best to discuss any elements you don’t want to share in the group format. You may have difficult issues and I don’t want the group format to get in the way of openness.



I work on a fee rate of £200 per hour and so this is where the benefit of 4-person groups comes into play. With each element an an individual level, the cost would be approaching £2,000, but…

Using the semi-group approach the TOTAL individual cost of the above package is just £950, but…

I am currently offering a small number of places (as part of my 12 Days of Christmas 2017 series) at just…

£750 Total Cost – for all sessions, materials and support


£750 Inclusive (Special Rate)
7 x 1hr Coaching Sessions and All Support & Learning

The programme unfolds in a structured, logical manner over a period of around 7 – 14 weeks, as a series of 1-hour coaching sessions, interspersed with agreed actions and evaluations. The programme is broken down into STEPS, SESSIONS & OUTCOMES. These steps are built around our Leadership Potency Framework – WHETHER, WHAT & HOW. At every stage, the work you will do is carefully directed and fully supported by a wide range of tools to help you make sense of and evaluate what is occurring around you.


STEP 1 – Organising the Programme Ahead

Coaching Session 1 (GROUP) – Orientation & Planning
Output – Clear understanding of the programme and an agreed schedule

This initial session is about ensuring you understand and are happy with how we will work through the various stages, the work you will need to do in between sessions and the schedule we are setting for that. There isn’t a fixed schedule at outset. We need to set that schedule based on our discussions in that first session. Depending on the degree of pressure you are under, you may want to shorten the schedule (from it’s rough baseline of 7 weeks) or lengthen it. At all times, I will want to ensure it is realistic both in terms of work to be done and with respect to the degree of threat you may be subject to. The coaching session will help evaluate this, along with some preparatory work and tools I will direct you in.

STEP 2 – Assessing WHETHER action or life-change is warranted & sensible

Coaching Session 2 (GROUP) – Degree of Threat & Plan for Conducting Impact Analysis
Output – Proper qualification and quantification of the degree of threat to you, your service and your Trust and a plan to assess it’s impact on you, objectively

Coaching Session 3 (GROUP) – Impact or Consequence & Plan for Identifying Personal Choices
Output – With the Degree of Threat, a clear picture of Consequence-Likelihood, clarity on WHETHER that suggests action is warranted and a plan to identify possible options

During this phase, we are going to put a great deal of effort into authentically evaluating your circumstances, the true degree of threat at play and the impact of a threat realised on you as an individual. This phase is vital. It is important that you neither under- nor over-react to circumstances if you want to ensure your enduring success or indeed protect yourself. Consequently, our goal is to ensure you complete this phase with a very clear picture, based on proper research, data and evaluation, of the actual threat and its likelihood of being realised, along with its impact on you personally if that comes to pass. This will allow you to confidently decide whether action is warranted, what the degree of urgency is and the likely magnitude of any actions to be taken.

STEP 3 – Assessing WHAT action or life-change is warranted & sensible

Coaching Session 4 (GROUP) – Authentic Evaluation of Options, Selection of Lead Choice (or Choices) & Plan for Deep Dive Evaluation
Output – Distinct, personally tailored, intelligent set of options that are ordered for preference, along with a plan to evaluate them at a much deeper level

Coaching Session 5 (INDIVIDUAL) – Decision on Action Choice & Approach to Creating an Implementation Plan
Output – Confident choice of most appropriate and favoured action, along with an agreed schedule and set of actions to ensure a robust implementation plan is developed

Step 3 is all about jumping our of the frying pan but NOT into the fire. IF, you need to make life-changes, THEN we want them to be ones that will work for you, restore the life you aspire to and be realistically actionable. I am always mindful that most of us overestimate what we can achieve in a year and wildly underestimate what we can achieve in a decade. It leads us to set unrealistic short term goals for something that actually falls short of what we really want! My goal is to ensure you decide confidently on the best choice of action for the circumstances being faced AND your life aspiration. We’ll put a great deal of emphasis on this choice because we need to exit this phase knowing we have the right choice (or choices) and that its possible.

STEP 4 – Deciding HOW you will take action or implement life-change

Coaching Session 6 (INDIVIDUAL) – Evaluation of Implementation Plan, Goals & Milestones and Identification of Enabling Skills, Insight or Actions
Output – Carefully evaluated, eyes-open implementation plan with distinct milestones, along with a plan for preparing you to be able to take whatever action is necessary

Coaching Session 7 (GROUP) – Implementation Check & Problem Solving
Output – Proper consideration of blocks or new information, along with developed solutions to ensure you keep moving forward

Armed with the right choice or choices for you, we can look at the sometimes complex route to be taken, including anything you might need by way of skills or understanding, to ensure you can take it confidently. We’ll spend a fair time ensuring you have a sensible plan of campaign and milestones to allow you to assess progress. We are also dealing with uncertain and changing times. We have to build into those plans triggers for either acceleration or re-consideration. You’ll be able to predict the direction fairly accurately but the timing it much more difficult. Something may happen in our Trust faster than you predicted. You need to know what you’ll do. The final coaching session is to check you have started and to problem solve things you are coming up against. Planning is the easy bit! The first step will always have some nerves attached to it, however confident you are of the direction.

Downstream Support

The programme is designed to get you confidently to a point of implementation with a plan you know is right for you, based on a realistic assessment of circumstances. The most important aspect of this is the CONFIDENT DECISION around the journey to be taken and you’ll know that you will have been considering WHETHER to undertake a journey at all and WHAT that journey might possibly entail for a while but without being able to decide. The majority of people will find the journey itself easy once the decision has been taken and a plan set. Others will want more support. Either is fine. As part of Step 4 we will consider this and plan further support, if you feel you need it. Any support will be tailor made and priced based on the principle of £175 per hour follow on coaching rate.